Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Cheesecake Factory has these served with a Jamaican shrimp dish, along with diced mangoes and black beans. YUM.

2 ripe plantains
4oz. vegetable oil

Wash plantains in cold water to remove dirt from plantain. Using a sharp knife, make an incision along the entire length of the plantain.

Slide your first finger along the incision and remove the skin.

Place the fruit on a cutting board and cut it into 1/4 inch pieces at a 45 degree angle. Heat oil on high, and then reduce heat to medium.

Carefully place plantain pieces into the warm oil. Let the pieces fry until they turn light brown around the edges. Turn the plantain pieces on their opposite side as soon as the edges turn brown.

Fry plantains for one minute more. Remove from skillet, place on paper towel and allow oil to drain.

Serve as snack or side dish with any main entrée.

Note: When you buy your plantains, make sure the plantains are yellow ripe with dark spots. The more yellow the plantains are, the better they are for frying.

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